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Volunteer Opportunities

(positions highlighted in red indicate current openings)

Publicity : Posts ads into the Beacon or Action Unlimited. Facilitates getting over-the-road banner and street signs up for Spring and Fall registration by submitting application to town hall. Physically place registration signs in at least 3 locations.  Drops banner at center fire station a week before it is to be hung with a copy of the permit. (10-15 hours each season)

Sponsonship Coordinator:  Distributes sponsorship letters to local businesses / organizations with some follow up needed. Receives checks from our sponsors in the mail and deposits into bank account. Handles coordination of team photo activities with head coaches, and creation and distribution of sponsorship plaques. Knowledge of softball is not necessary. (30 hours each season, mostly in January and May)

Registrar: Handles set up and operation of registration system each season. Answers registration questions from parents. Provides refunds as necessary. Facilitates reports for division coordinators and a summary report for the board. Active time for registration is December to March for spring season and June to August for fall. The activity picks up near the close of registration time. Approximately, 160 players in the spring and 100 in the fall come through the registration process. All work is done at home. Knowledge of softball is not necessary. (40 hours each season)

Fields Coordinator: Responsible for facilitating maintenance of the five softball fields in Acton/Boxboro, ABRHS, NARA, and Blanchard. Manage field maintenance schedule with vendor, and assist with questions from hired field crew. Report any field needs to Board. Determine and communicate field open/closed status as necessary. Be able to coordinate additional coach help at the fields when necessary. Must be available to check fields for playability, usually on Saturday mornings, during adverse weather conditions. (10 hours each season)

Umpire Coordinator: Facilitate communications between coaches and umpires on inclement weather game days, usually Saturday. (5 hours each season)

Division Coordinators: One for each age division. Manage the process of assigning players and coaches to teams. Set up practice and game schedules. Facilitate division rule changes. Act as central point of contact for coaches in division. Typically, our larger divisions have 3-6 teams per season. The coordinator should become familiar with the league rules for their division. (15-25 hours each season)

Coaching: Teams typically need one head coach and at least two assistant coaches. Coaches have responsibilities on-field including coaching, supervising, and encouraging, as well as off-field including communicating, organizing, and completing evaluations. A committed, organized, and encouraging coach can make the difference between a good softball experience and a poor softball experience for players of any skill level or age. One practice per week plus a game on Saturday for spring and fall seasons (15-40 hours each season, depending on age group). Committment time for the summer season varies depending on playing format and age group -- speak to the Summer Director for more info.

Tournament Director:  Determine feasibility to host a summer tournament in Acton, and coordinate related activities. (minimal time committment for exploration of options, future committment unknown at this time)

Summer Director:  Promote and advertises the summer travel softball program. Organize and help run the tryouts for all travel team age groups (U10, U12, U14, and U18). Cooordinate with Middle Essex league. Coordinate summer field/game schedules and handle all summer uniform orders and rosters. Sends emails to collect summer registration and uniform fees.

Treasurer: Responsible for the league's financial accounting. Directs incoming funding to bank accounts. Assures payment to various parties to keep league operations running smoothly. Files yearly federal and state taxes, and reports financial health to the league board of directors quarterly.

President: Establishes overall direction for the league. Facilitates all communications between board members, volunteers, and officials. Leads quarterly and annual board meetings.

Season Director (Spring / Fall):  Cooordinate season activities with coaches, division coordinators, CORI administrator, Equipment Manager, and Registrar. Complete field permit process with Town of Acton and ABRSD. Register and insure players with USA Softball. Assist with setup of practice and game schedules. Facilitate coaches meetings. (60 hours each season)